Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We spent a wonderful week in and around Seattle with family. The cherry trees were in full bloom, they are so beautiful, grey skies and rain can not dull them. 

We were able to enjoy small town Theater, a Murder Mystery Dinner
and dinner at the Jazz club...Live music! I was sure we had been transported back a generation or two!
There was even a bit of shopping, Hubby and I picked out noodle bowls to try our hand at Pho. We had the noodle soup at a Thai restaurant and it was really good.

When I put the bowls on the back of the chair to get a picture of the ash glaze runs on the outside of the bowls, I was struck by the consistency in our lives. The mural behind the animals is at least 10 years old, the ceramic mural is from last year. It is not an intentional cohesion, AKA Matchy-Matchy, left to our own devices we gravitate to this color pallet and feel rather comfortable surrounded by it.

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