Friday, March 16, 2012

In Process

   Almost two years ago I was ask to silk paint an Iris for a wall hanging. Flattery will get you the typical response..."of course I will". Then I froze,  letting the doubts creep in.. what if I can' drawing skills are poor...
   Finally I just had to muster the courage to fail and give it a go! Once I began the doubts were gone and the joy of painting returned. This is a 33x36 inch color test. The pattern was created from a photo of the iris' at the Post office.
   I thought I was doing a really good job and ready to brag a bit...just a tiny bit! So I sent it to my silk painting teacher hoping for that pat on the back. She was so kind to give me the pat AND a lesson in value...not dollars but color theory!
   I ran it by Hubby AKA art teacher and he agreed. In fact he gave me lesson #2 and began to talk about how highlighting is as important as shading.

So...back to the studio to try to add more dark and light. I think I miss is the softness of the first version but love the drama of the second. Only through photos do I have a memory for what "was" and know when I stop comparing I will move forward without regret.

Now to work out a background that will allow the iris to remain the focus.

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  1. okay, the resident "experts" have their opinion...BUT, the less critical common folks think it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! (just like all of the others that you have done) hummmm....being self critical..wonder what that's like? lol!!