Monday, April 23, 2012

Art Fest 2012

Hubby and I took 12 of the best and brightest art students to Craig for a week of...ART! They were in workshops for nine hours a day, Hubby taught Raku and I took a quilt class.
In Southeast we use 20 passenger jet boats to travel between the islands, it is the best way to get to the other small communities. In the photo we are headed home...

One of the highlights is a carver, John. We went to his carving shed where he and his apprentices are reproducing and replacing the totem poles that have deteriorated. The next totem raising will be in August of 2013.

This is a transformation piece, it opens up to reveal the interior, generally spiritual. It was carved by Jay a high school student!

In Seattle I admired the salvage art made from old windows.  I really wanted one (or two or three) of the windows but had no idea how to get it home on the jet in one piece. Then the neighbor shared their church windows with me! My plan is to create the windows, keep one and sell the rest to benefit the church or food bank. 

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