Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last day...again

May has been an exciting month around here. At the beginning of the month I retired, mid month we partied as the Chamber awarded Kirk (husband) and Dave Educator of the year, last weekend was the retirement party for the School...Kirk is now retired also.

I actually put on a dress for the Chamber dinner,  Many Thanks to hubby's family for insisting on the purchase of the dress, I do love it.
Of course there is not a photo to document it so I will share the one of Kirk and the award.

Last week I went back to work just to cover a need, one of my coworkers called it a band today is once again my "last day". They had not dismantled my keys or removed me from the time clock. It was as though I was returning from vacation...

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  1. enjoy the time will be like summer break all year long!