Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Winter quilt done

It has been so long since I posted I am not sure I remember how!

The countdown to retirement for Hubby and I is on. Planning and
dreaming runs rampant around here. One day we are snowbirds in a
foreign country the next we are students continuing our education in
a hip city neighborhood. Life is good!

The winter quilt I started back in 2010 is finished. A couple weeks ago I took it to our local quilter. She had me try to choose patterns for the quilting. I finally drew out a simple sketch of weeds and ask her
to create a pattern using her skills and artistic ability. She combined
the swirly that I like with the feather that Hubby liked and used my
 weed for a filler...Perfect!

It is hard to get the quilting to show in a photo.

This is the border pattern seen from the back. She used the design that is in the border fabric for a pattern.

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  1. Hi! That is lovely! I like it! Good thing I no longer live in Colorado......XO Mom