Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Home again

We are home from our Christmas vacation. With hubby retiring from teaching in the spring we will never have to travel over the holidays again! That means if you want us for Christmas there is a good chance you will have to put us up (put up with us!) for a month! For some of you that would be torture...
I finished another of my grocery sacks.  I came home with a small piece of dark red that will be the inspiration for the next one.

Hubby gave himself a share in an NFL team...his family helped him with the required headgear.

This is the bag that I made for mom. She saved it until after their vacation, she wanted to come home to a gift to open. I tried to get her to open it so I could post about how proud I was! Now that a month has gone by I hardly remember it!


  1. very cool my dear!! I'm sure Mom loved her bag...sorry you didn't get to see her open it. I've got mixed emotions on that one, I can see both sides..sorry.

    LOVE the headgear!! How fun!! Is hubbie from Wisconsin? Is he a real cheesehead or just a wanna be?

    Hope Kirk leaves you alone long enough to get some creating done or I hope he has turned into your inspiration...hugs!!

  2. These bags are awesome. I am LOVING your salmon prints - do you mind sharing how you made them ? And I love the idea of making your own screenprint - think unlimited fabric salmon prints - be sure to share with us if you do make one. I'm thinking rock cod would make amazing prints too,
    thank you for the inspiration.