Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fish prints

Last year hubby made some test prints of King salmon. They have been laying around my studio and I decided the only way to get rid of them was to make something out of them. These were printed on inexpensive white muslin using fabric paint and heat set. There were 3 fish printed on the cotton giving me enough for nine bags.

I want reusable grocery bags and thought this was the perfect the process making something for myself that I love! The fish scales
are an attractive pattern that I would like to use in my art.
I am toying with the idea of having a silk screen made so that I can replicate this without having to find a fish first.

I do know a few people who would love to help me catch a big fish for art! Recouping the cost of time and fuel
would be hard if you are trying to sell little bags. 

These two are from a print done on silk. Now that the two bags are together, I see that I sewed the tail upside down. There are those out there that may know the difference...I am calling it creative licence! 
The tail portion, excluding the fabric it is printed on, is 9x5 inches.
It was a moderate sized fish for Alaska. You can see it Here.

Looking at this now...I could have sewn the bag in the shape of a tail...note to self...


  1. You are amazing! These are so cool!

  2. Great use of your talent and hubbies art! I'd never know that the tail was upside down, but you are right someone out there!!

    Hope you had a great holiday!!

  3. I see my bag!! (orange one with the fish head) I love it and show it off all the time! can't wait to see you in a month and a half! (also- i really love your iris painting- the first look great but the shadows/highlights look AMAZING!