Thursday, May 19, 2011

This week

I cleaned the car! Mom and dad will be here in a month and I can not let them see the car they picked for me trashed.
The back of the seats are covered in a felt type material, the dog hair stuck to it like Velcro. I dug through my fabric stash and came up with this duck batik for seat covers.

This is a corner section of the Raku ceramic mosaic frame Hubby is making to go around the flat screen TV. The framework is on the wall and there are a few more pieces that need to be attached. There are 30 individual pieces and cover about a 4'x6' area.

Last week the neighbors helped us clean up a recording for a memorial when she ask for family photos, I thought she might be making a slide show set to music. She came over with this wall hanging/table runner, what a wonderful gift. We are blessed with the sweetest neighbors one could ever hope for. They Love and care for our dog for weeks at a time, bake us goodies and look out for us without being intrusive.

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  2. The wall hanging is pretty cool! Love all of the pictures that she used, and the Live, Love, Laugh was just perfect. Enjoy the time with your folks when the come to visit!