Sunday, June 5, 2011

Anita Bay Breather

School is out and the fishing season is beginning for hubby. We decided to spend a few days in Anita Bay running through the gear and playing a bit. Last week SSARA released the salmon fry from the pens so we were able to tie up to them and use them for a home base.

Fishermen here tax themselves 3 percent to fund a program that supplements the wild run of Salmon with a terminal run. There is no river for these fish to return to to spawn, just a creek above the pens that scents the water for the fish to hone in on and return to the bay to be caught by the fleet.

We drug our sport boat with us so we could run around or sport fish off of it. Lots of little Flounders around the pens that would strip my bait in a minute. Hubby showed me how to set the hook and then I was able to catch enough for diner in about a half hour. We were hoping for luck.

The wildflowers are in full bloom, I only know this as Indian Paintbrush.

The whole trip I was Amazed by the scenery...the wonder of it all. I love drinking my morning coffee and watching the sun come over the mountains. The water so calm that even the small details of land would be reflected onto it. I enjoyed this little breather so much I am trying to talk hubby into taking me out again on my next days off. I really would like some Halibut in the freezer.

The docks of the pens are metal perforated with holes, with the sun was shining there was Art to be found! This is a picture of the water taken through one of the holes in the dock. The water is reflecting the holes and the break between the panels of the dock.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Love seeing your corner of the world, thanks for sharing. Glad you are having a wonderful period of down time with hubbie, that has got to be worth a million!

  2. What a beautiful photo of the water through the hole in the dock! _an accidental art piece. There is a lot of inspiration there. How sad, the countless people who looked and didn't see this beauty. I enjoyed your website, your photos, your quilts. Thanks for inspiring me.