Saturday, May 7, 2011

Art Addict...

Last week I went to Petersburg as a chaperon for the Art Festival. It is amazing to watch teenagers loose themselves in art for nine hours a day. I took 2 classes Fabric dyeing and native design maskette carving. My fabric is downstairs so no photo and the mask its not done. still needs sanding and painted.
This is my first time carving and I had trouble with the eyes. I want to flick chunks of wood, I will have to learn gentle strength.

Our bath is in the midst of tear out so I went to pick out the flooring...There were a pile of discontinued sample boards!
The deal was I had to take them all.

Glass, shell, stone and acrylic resin. Some are already made into trivets that need a bit of grout.

Marble, travertine, limestone...
This is about half of the sample boards...Crazy? Addict? I just could not let them put it all in the dumpster! I know one day I will find a use for these goodies.

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  1. Love your mask carving. You must have pretty good wood carving skills! Sounds like a wonderful day for all. As for your tile samples, mosaics are a cool challenge and a lot of fun. I made a 14 ft long, 34" high mosaic mural for the elem school where I taught. If you have not yet tried it, then definitely you should. Beware. It is rather addictive. I Have a detail from the mural on my web page. Drop by and see my mosaic boy.)