Thursday, October 14, 2010

End to end

The gradation is long as I don't think about it too hard! This is 3 of the 4 color groups. The strips are sewn end to end and once I figure out how wide I want the quilt I can begin to sew them to each other. I think there will be pampas grass appliqued on the top. This is rather stressful because I have a hard time flying by the seat of my pants. It would be much easier if there was a pattern with all the right measurements...
But then again it would not be MY art!!!

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  1. Love reading about your jouney. I am looking forward to seeing the end project as I know it will be fabulous! It didn't surprise me that you went with the batiks, I think the mixture of all of the colors intertwined was the way for you to go. Gives you a more expanded palette to work with, but oh the sorting...