Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wall Art

The strips have been sewn together for a couple weeks. I love the colors but do not know what to think about the business of the patterns.
Hubby and I shave been trying to figure out how to get the pampas grass on there...will it really work???
He has a wonderful idea... a silhouette of the entire scene. He even went so far as to cut it out of the rolls of colored paper that every school has and pinned it to the quilt...not right! I think it may be perfect for the backing. I am headed to a stylized version of the plant and have a couple sketches that need enlarged so I can try the paper mock up.

Between work, being ill and if I have to admit it...apprehensive, I have just let it be wall art.
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  1. Oh my!!! I totally thought I had you on my blogroll and I thought that you just haven't been updating your blog...but somehow your blog was missing from my blogroll. I have a LOT of catching up to do! I MISS YOU!!

  2. did you use jelly rolls on this? looks pretty!