Saturday, August 21, 2010

When the cat is away...

Hubby really likes the lodge feel that the rock fireplace adds to our living room. He is also proud of the hearth that he made so the kids could hang out there. But...the kids are all raised and the firebox has become structurally unsound.
Hubby left for a week so dad helped me tear out the fireplace. It took two days to get the rock facade and firebox out.

I put my parents on the plane yesterday so I am tearing out the short wall and prepping for Sheetrock.
Maybe hubby would like a flat screen!
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  1. WoW~Wayne, Roy and I all agree you've got lots of work to do, but it will look great when it's done.
    Roy says if you need him to help with the floor patch of carpet, a ticket next summer would get free labor for you to abuse him like long ago for 2 weeks! Mom says: careful! Love you!!