Monday, August 16, 2010

Feeling the Love

        It was so fun to be surprised with my art on  Joanne's blog. I did not recognise that it was mine...that tells me I might be too self critical! 
This is a busy week with fish to smoke and can, house to power wash and the start of new roofing.  Everyone leaves this week parents, hubby and son. I will then have time to sit down and figure out how to put on a quilt binding. I have never done it and I did not think it would matter if I learned on a lap throw or twin quilt...we shall see! 


  1. I went to Joanne's blog and looked at your art. She is doing a great job on them...they are awesome!!! I would be happy to help with the binding if you need a nudge!!! Loves...

  2. I wish I had taken better pictures, the silk is absolutely amazing! Too self critical??? hummm...I can relate! Call Loretta, and get the binding done!