Friday, December 4, 2009

Welcoming the season

Yesterday I was reading a friends blog and thinking it is not a big deal to forgo decorations...especially when I leave in a week. When I got to work the twinkle lights were going up in the break room and the back hall. Instantly I knew lights are important to me. I can do without the wreath, garland and even a tree but not the lights! I am amazed at how I walk into a room with the ambiance of lights and feel myself relax.

This morning I went and pulled out my 3 foot tree and plugged him in. His branches are all scrunched from the little box he gets crammed in (fully decorated) every February. He is one of those stick trees that does not have many branches that are supposed to be used in a cool grouping...sad to say he lives alone. In the light of day he does not look great but when he shines there are no blemishes!

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  1. These are really lovely photos, particularly the top one. Your little tree looks noble.