Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas cards

I should be cleaning, packing or even going to exercise class...but no...I am procrastinating by making cards I told myself I did not have to make! I keep getting ideas using 10 year old black crackle paint. In the "day" you had to lay a crackle base and then paint over it with a contrasting color. It is much more finicky and messy! I am very grateful for the new formulations that let you lay down crackle color and be done.
So why am I using this??? It is the old waste not want not.

If I use up the old I will have guilt free shopping when we head south for the Holidays!!!

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  1. Great cards... I especially like the tree...no...wait a minute...maybe it's the reindeer...no...oh...I can't decide. I like 'em both.

  2. Adorable cards (and I'm with you on using up product!)