Friday, October 30, 2009

Holiday book

Thanks to Christina this cover is amazing! It was the front of a box we were to make at the workshop on Saturday...BUT...the minute I saw it I knew I had to have a book! I love paper and one day I will expand to books. I seem to remember that Christina also did a holiday book much like an Advent calendar and that is where this is headed. I will take it on vacation with me to jot notes and when I get home I can add a picture or two. This will be the first year the dog gets to travel with us..Thank you Jo Ellen!

I used scraps for the pages and embossed most of them. December is our month...both our birthdays, our anniversary and of course Christmas. I made special pages for those days.

This is Christmas

This is for Kirk...Embossed copper... over acetate.. over embossed paper.
The thing about making cool stuff is your friends want it too! So Deanna and I made 3 more for her and the kids to take to the Big Island with them. They will have fun making their own cool pages!

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  1. Katrina, this is SOOOOO cool!!!! I just might have to highlight you and this project on my blog. Can I? Haha! Will you show more pages? Pretty please? Will you show some or all of the finished product...when it's finished?

  2. I have to say one more thing: it's funny because I almost did a book for this class using the shape of the die-cut. I love it!

  3. oooh and ahhhh....this is so cool! the picture are great...but they dont do justice to the real deal.... what a great job....I am off to do my version of "lifting" of this.
    last night was fun! thanks for coming and for bringing the book to share