Monday, October 26, 2009

Thank you Dad

A GREAT big Thank you to my dad. He was so kind to build me legs on a second 4x8 table while he was here. He also put legs under my original table so it was less of a Jerry-rigged set up. Mind you it was not bad... just not as good as what my dad would do! He even made them the same height in case I want to push them together.
All that to get to the exciting part!
I have just finished the largest piece of silk I have ever done 45x100"!!! I had to stretch it across both tables.
it looks rather boring compared to the last piece...but this is the border for Aryn's quilt.
Once it is steamed I will cut it into 13" strips the long way.
(the dark spot is still wet)

Dad also made me legs to use under the stretcher frame. They are made out of old (sewer?) pipe (leftover...NOT previously used!) they are about 3x5" and do a great job of not letting the wet silk touch the table.
Love you DAD!

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