Saturday, October 31, 2009

Box class

Last night Nettie taught the box class. It is really simple if you do not make changes and if you can "think" math. I always make changes and do not have good math skills! I finally did get all of the pieces cut and embossed last night. It took me all morning to make the rolled paper buds and put together the flowers.

This is one of four inside panels (3x4.5) is the only one done at this point! I still need to make the aerial flowers and the bouquet for the lid. Then the real assembly can begin. I know a little girl that loves pink and I hope will like this. We lifted the ideas...Thank you Elaine.
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  1. whoa!!!! need to ALWAYS make changes!!!! that is totally cool......and you need to think pink more often

  2. Oh....that is pretty...and I am not big on pink!!! How did you make the main flower?