Sunday, August 9, 2009

Girls night out

Friday night was Netties night at the scrapbook store...she was so kind to let me come teach this rose. Inexperience can be great fun among friends. We had no idea how to get six petals in a circle, apparently I am not the only one who is mathematically challenged! My approach is to keep drawing till you get it. That is why you can see lines on the back petals and (just between us) they are not intentional!
One day I will make a pattern...but by that time I may be on to something else!

We made our own glimmer mist with an ink refill and perfect pearls. Did you know you can get too much perfect pearl? I would have thought not...but you should have seen it! It was so much fun, I have not laughed like that for a long while! Thank you Girls!
A Big thank you to Wendy at Studio 490 for the tutorial.
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  1. Me, Me! Pick me! I want to learn!!! Katrina, this flower is GORGEOUS!!! How did you do it????

  2. This is beautiful! I wish I had been there...

  3. Well...we made a big mess, laughed a whole lot and created beauty. We missed you, Christina.