Sunday, August 9, 2009

Charity book covers

This weekend I finished up three projects for charity. I do not know where the notepad cover will end up. It is a scrap of my silk and inside it is my hand dyed cotton. I will still make a word to go in the metal oval. I am thinking about the word peace...I think the leaves have a calm look to them.

This spring I took a class from Susan Christensen. She taught using Procion dyes on cotton and how to make the curved block. The dark fabric is hand dyed and the light is a commercial fabric. Thank you Jo Ellen for sharing the abalone with me.

This is the opposite block...Our last stamping club Christina taught us how to make butterflies that are embossed with black, silver and then stamped while the embossing is still molten.

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  1. pretty sure they belong at my house. those are so-O-O-O-O BEAUTIFUL!!!