Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lessons 11 and 10

How cool is black and white with a splash of color! My DH (darling hubby) wanted me to change the leaves to a faint mist green. I tried and did not end up with anything presentable. I tried to tell him...if it is not in the lesson there is a good chance I do not know how to do it...Yet! This is a Salmon berry from the road trip the other day. Much like blackberry or raspberry they have a ton of seeds and make great jelly.

This is another road trip photo... a spiderweb filled with dew. Southeast Alaska is not really brown.. it is from the brown paper textures we have been using in our lessons. I had a hard time with the coloring, I really wanted the rock to be the grey shale that I am used to. I kept going back and the end I decided that the dew looks better with the added warmth. Yes, there are things I would change! I have not got design down yet...
There are 4 more lessons to go and then my life will return to normal...whatever that is...
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  1. Love the black and white with the color. I have long wanted to know how to do that. But...the spider web is about the coolest picture ever. Love the look of the droplets. Nice job...I am looking forward to the crazies ofbthe wedding being over so I can take this class.