Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Field trip

Yesterday Jo Ellen and I went on an shooting that is!
We headed out one of the logging roads to find dew drops and texture.
I had decided that if others could give me their texture I should be able to find my own. We hit the jackpot at the
very first stop...a rock pit. Broken glass, rust stains on shale, dew on spiderwebs... Even though the sun did not make an
appearance we had a grand day.

This burnt wood was a couch someone had dumped and then burned. The arms were made of 2x6 hardwood and made great patterns.

This is Zack and I...He must know when the lens is looking his way, he always averts his gaze!
Even though I look really shaggy in this photo...I really like the way I look! I can be just a bit self critical.

Last night I combined the above photos and added a frame and flowers. There are things that I know are not right
(take your time deary!) But I do love the grain of the burned wood in the background!
Mom... you can click on the photo and it will come up larger..Maybe large enough for dad too.

This is Jo Ellen, She is an amazing woman, Artist and Friend. She is also an extremely bad influence...Do not let the blueberry picking fool you...She would rather eat French bread torn from the rustic loaf and smeared with butter than crunch granola! Jo Ellen... thank you for that fabulous Lunch! OH...She is also my Silk Painting teacher...Thank you!
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  1. I love how that picture of you and Zack turned out! So awesome!