Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More lessons

Yesterday I did three photos. Our lesson was about adding type to a photo so that you can print it out, frame it and have hip modern art!
I am not sure I would consider myself art...But my dad might think so! I do love the grunge look and am having a lot of fun adding lots of textures to the pictures. Kirk gave me Photoshop about four years ago and it is high time I learned to utilize it!

This is Wrangell's new harbor...The "pirates" is a joke...Tyler is the only pirate we know!

Check out the folded paper texture on this one!
We went to Mexico last year...On the beach were vendors with little carts. One had fish he was roasting on a hibachi. He used the stick to turn the fish and then to hold the cooked fish upright in a rack as it waited to be sold. He would take the cooked fish and rewarm it when you bought it. Never fear...He sold us a freshly cooked fish. He might not have been sure about me but there was no doubt in his mind that Kirk was a gringo! The fish was fabulous!!!

This is a template that you drop your pictures into. I was looking for a filmstrip to show the series of pictures of Kirk and Zack. Kirk was tossing snowballs for Zach. We do love our dog!
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