Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sweat shirt

This spring I bought a sweat shirt in support of the Art Fest. I have never been a fan of the elastic band on the bottom because they ride up over my muffin top. My dream was to use hand dyed organza to add a sheer ruffle to the bottom. I had it all pinned and ready to last fitting and show the hubby for a little feed back (trusted girl Friend gone!) you can see the program changed. Bless him for being honest but part of me really wants ruffle and organza!  I understand that it is all the rage for kids clothing and I do not fit in that category any least size wise!  It turned out to look very much like an Alaska Native Kuspuk.

Some fabric markers, an abalone bead and a couple buttons...all gifts from friends...and I am comfy-cozy.

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  1. hahaha!! this post made me laugh!! I can so relate....those blessed bans around the bottom of the shirts -loathe them!! Think I'd hava' agree with the hubs on the ruffles...