Friday, September 2, 2011

Borders are on

About this time last year hubby was helping me pick the fabric for our winter bed quilt. I was all gung-ho but lost my head of steam somewhere along the way. One evening we were talking about how the art is not getting made and after sifting through the myriad of possible reasons I came up with one that I liked!

This was a meant to be the impression of a fall day by the pond, Pampas grass
reflecting in the water, with the bluegill biting.
As I started I soon realized I do not like sewing little things together namely 2 inch strips of fabric.
My sewing skills are not great maybe not even good. I do not know how I came up with the idea
that sewing seams straight would be easy... my strips are a bit wobbly.
That was the beginning of not being able to live up to my expectations and I gave up mid way through.
I am so grateful for my husband, he encouraged me to continue on and let it be what it is.
I gave myself permission to be imperfect and know that I am working on my skills as I make this.
It came together quickly and it looks good on our bed.

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  1. Quilters and knitters often say, "Finished is better than perfect." Good for you! And you learned some things along the way. :)

  2. It really is beautiful! Batiks suite you. I'm with Leslie ont the "finished is better than perfect"....well, when it's my own. Know what I mean?