Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mom and Dad are here

Mom and Dad arrived the end of June and will stay until mid August. They came to escape the Dallas heat so we have had rain most of the time they have been here. I was hoping for a bit of summer this year but it looks like one of those years that the average temperature is 60!

If you can get them to stop goofing they take a really nice picture.

The bath remodel has had the house in a state of disarray for the last four months. It feels good to have the bath out of the dinning room and back where it belongs. The bath now has storage for those things (like towels) that often get forgotten until you are all wet and have to make it to the hall closet!


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  1. From the previous post it looks like Dad is having a great time! What's Mom doing while Dad is doing all of that fishing?? You did manage to get a good picture of them...treasure it. Congrats on getting the bathroom done, I know those things are huge!!