Friday, June 24, 2011

Petersburg trip

The boat has had steering problems for years, we even replaced the whole set up, still no good. Kirk was on the dock lamenting to another fisherman, who happened to have the solution...there is a guy in Petersburg who is a whiz with these systems. We called and were able to get an appointment the next day! On our way we threw out the net and caught lots of fish that were the same blue green as the water. When we got into the greener water the fish had a tendency to be an olive color.

After the boat fix we went out for a sea trial to test the steering. Yeah!!! It really works! We passed a few markers where the Sea Lions were napping.

On the way home there was an eagle that miscalculated and ended up in the drink. He was doing a good job of swimming with his wings and made it to shore. He looked a bit like a chicken standing there soaking wet.

I made myself draw in my sketchbook...If I were more disciplined I would learn to love my drawing! I believe my ability to draw is going to be vital to making Silk painting patterns that I can be proud of.

The trip was amazing, there is so much beauty and majesty, I was in awe the whole trip. I kept taking pictures of what I thought was beyond description...only to see that the camera can not compare to my eye. What looked to be up close, the camera would shrink! It is a GOOD camera!


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  1. Your photos are awesome, especially the one of the seal, too funny!