Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Christmas with the family in Texas was wonderful. I had not seen my brother and niece for close to three years. I was able to spend time with my aunt and two of my cousins I had not seen for 30+ years. Hubby's family showed up too! I appreciate having parents that welcome everyone! There was Art and Architecture...

We did get in trouble several times at the museum...Do not touch the sculptures! I was taking pictures of fall leaves (In December!!!) in the courtyard and they just followed me around to ensure I did not deface any of them.

There was plenty of sunshine and one day was above 80. The sunsets are really low in the sky compared to our mountainous horizon. After I looked at my photos I could see that there is a different shape to the mountains on their horizon!

Did I mention FOOD! The wonderful cooking, baking, restaurants and stores! Shopping was a daily affair...I think we were dreaming up projects just so we could go to the store.

The Family on New Years Eve.
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  1. great pictures as always! Glad you got to re-connect with family members, hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!