Monday, September 13, 2010


Hubby and I went for an afternoon of fishing, the only thing I caught was some inspiration! We did catch one brown bomber (Rock cod) we kept him for dinner.
The sun was out and the water was calm except for the little waves from our motor. I keep thinking about how I could turn this into a quilt pattern...a modern quilt...not so literal that it looks like marbling...but like strips that are OH!!! I can see it but I do not know how to do make it.

I just love the creative process...I tend to be really excited or frustrated! I find it interesting that I am finding inspiration for quilts, I do not know what to do with the ones I have...Why do I want to make more?
I know no one can answer that but me. I am going to blame my mom...She used to make quilts...

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  1. awesome....look into the technique called bargello.....I have a book if you want to borrow it and keep on keeping on with the creations.!!

  2. Yes, yes! Inspiration surrounds us in nature, God's canvas! And the most satisfying creations for me have come after I've pushed through some anxiety or frustration with the process. Interesting.
    As to why make quilts? I ask myself the same question as I look at the couple dozen being used in my home. I decided it's tactile art. You not only get to see it but you can wrap up in it!

  3. I also think this would make a lovely quilt!