Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wedding trip

Yesterday our friends got married. Their idea of a wonderful wedding was to charter a boat for the day, add in 20 or so friends and family and find a spot in the great outdoors to say their vows. We made a trip to Petersburg for a couple hours at the Little Norway Festival then headed to LeConte Glacier. There were so many icebergs that it took us over an hour to travel the 5-6 miles up the inlet to the glacier.
After the glacier we headed up the Stikine river for the ceremony. It was truly a wonderful day.

Waterfalls half way up the inlet

This guy is as big as a house and is 5 miles from the glacier out in open seas.

The glacier is just around that next corner

Outside the channel, Love the blue of the large icebergs.
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  1. What an amazing and charming idea for a wedding, very neat. :D