Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Sweet Baboo

She is here for a quick visit and to stock her freezer. We have been blessed with crab, shrimp and King salmon. Thanks to friends she will have moose! There is venison in the freezer we will share with her too. After we got goofy with the fish we made ART!

We printed the fish on silk using a textile paint. This one is done on a scarf that the hem came out of... making it a scrap. I will cut the ends off and sew a border around it. Those are scales on the print, The paint has a drying agent in it making it sticky, after a couple prints the scales were weak enough to lift.

Now the secret is out...This is the part of the house we do not show people! Cleaning our studios (Yes, I am blessed with more than one) is not our strong point.
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  1. whoa....that is really awesome. I Love the color and the fish and know...I am so impressed!!!

  2. who cleans a studio!!! sterile environments lead to sterile imaginations... :P (and you wondered how I was so creative!)