Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lunch bag

The class I took or at least tried to take was sewing a snap purse...using a tape measure for the closure.
The metal has just enough tension to bend without kinking and will snap open and shut. Dina Merchant taught the class and for a back up project brought Texture Magic! I found a salmon batik at the fabric store and decided to make a lunch bag. With the texture Magic you can not see the fish on the fabric. I ended up helping the organizer of the Art Fest instead of playing. I brought my stuff home and finished it this morning.

I have seen all the fabric flowers and decided to try one too. I had a scrap of ? with lots of iridescence. I pleated it with a steam iron and sewed it up. My Aunt gave me the snowflake pin. I am Happy, Happy, Happy!

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  1. Very cool!! Too pretty for a lunch bag...more like an evening bag.

  2. wow and WOW and then wowzers!!!
    that is cool!
    I am off to find out about this texture magic!!!!

  3. This is gorgeous!! How's you like the Texture Magic? My local quilt shop doesn't carry it, so I've never played with it.