Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Haines Alaska

This is a little light house not to far from Haines.

The mountains here are majestic...they totally surround the town. The people here are artistic, energetic and very welcoming. I could retire here!
I combined two photos for this one so you could get a sense of the mountains. We were on our way to the fabric store having just come from the bead shop. We started the morning off at the health food market and deli. They have a coffee roaster in store, a bakery/deli counter and little seating area.


It is time to hit the deck running. I am cutting mats for the watercolor, charcoal and paper collage. Today is the last day of classes and we will be setting up an art show with all the pieces created. Usually the solder is still hot... pots are being crash cooled...and it always work in the end!

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  1. the pictures are breath taking! So beautiful I understand why/how you could retire there.