Friday, March 12, 2010

Doo Dye

These two are my favorite snow dye, they are pastel and have the most interesting patterns. I awoke to a skiff of snow, got my fabric soaking in Soda ash, and began to collect snow from our deck. There was not enough to cover both of them so I headed for the back yard to dig it out from between the tufts of weeds...all the while hoping I did not run into any Black Lab deposits.
Sure enough as I was adding dye I could see pollutants..OH! Yeah! Lab deposits in my snow!
I will never be able to recreate the beauty of these two...I do not think I can bring myself to do it on purpose~

These three are Low Water Immersion using up the leftover dyes. They look like Tie dye gone wrong to me. Even though I do not care much for them I am glad they are large chunks. They will be useful for backing, lining or playing when I do not want to use my precious fabric. For all of these I have used an inexpensive muslin from Dharma so I would have the freedom to play and learn.

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  1. 1. they are beautiful
    2. I so so cracked up over your title....and then it was even funnier when you stated you had "pollutants"
    3. so now all the kiddos are looking at me funny as I am LOL and they dont know whats going on......maybe my laugh will change the setting of the mood today!!!!

  2. Oh I love these... so the secret ingredient is dog poop, huh? Not sure you're going to start a trend with that one LOL

  3. Katrina, I would love to see step by step photos of how you are doing your snow dyeing. Of all the pieces I have seen on the net, yours have a look about them with the strong shots of color. They are absolutly beautiful!