Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The day after I announced to anyone who would listen that I will not do custom commissions, my good friend ask if I would make her a custom bag for her upcoming trip. Of course it had to be a very involved pattern with lots of changes! But I have learned a few new tricks and overcame a few aversions. I am actually very proud of this project and glad that I was spurred on.

I really like the gussets up the sides. The bottom is an upholstery fabric remnant
                                  I found at JoAnns and the sides are commercial cotton.

It has an recessed zipper. That was my number one fear...I have not done a zipper since high school Home Ec. The inside is a prom dress I cut up and a remnant of gold lame.

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  1. Oh my word...this is gorgeous. When you get it figured will make some more for your other friends. Right???
    Very nice!!! xoxo

  2. double wow!!!!

    If you would make me one I would also go on a trip..tee are a very talented lady.......and a groovy friend...(that is the truth and NOT a hint)

  3. Cute bag!! YOu did an excellent job!