Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gift #2

That man of mine! We talk before Christmas and always come up with the same decision, no gifts. I want to save up for my leather couch! That time of year we are always on vacation and there are extra goodies. Christmas eve he gives me a gift...a camera!
This thing is amazing!

I am standing in a parking lot shooting up at the skyline using the car hood for a rest and really needed to have a tripod.

I zoom in on the center of the cliff (the dark crevasse)

and zoom some more...

and a bit more...I was very impressed!

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  1. Oh, fantastic... a great camera is so terribly important, I think!! What kind did you get??

    I use a Canon PowerShot SX10IS and I'm a complete freak for it... it has 20x optical zoom- guh. Next camera: 40x optical zoom! LOL

  2. What kind of camera?? Loving these pictures! I just love Arizona! When I'm old and wrinkly I want to live there! Ha!