Monday, January 4, 2010

Gift #1

My husband is so good to me. Last month he convinced me that the gate I wanted for the pond was frivolous. There are always better ways to spend money...or save it! I had to agree, he was right.
While we were still on vacation he was paying for our lunch and a receipt fell out of his wallet, naturally I picked it up to look at it with the idea I would throw it was the receipt for the gate!
Oh he was mad, mostly at himself for not throwing the receipt away. It did not help that I couldn't stop laughing! He (and friends) had gone to so much trouble to get it bought, hidden and set up after we left on vacation. He was really looking forward to surprising me.

Come spring the gate will need to be leveled and set. I may even find a cool plants to grow over the trellis.
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  1. WOW!
    TOO COOL! have a pond?

    welcome home