Sunday, December 2, 2012

St. Louis

Once again we fell in love with a we drove away we were fantasizing about renting a place for a few months, hanging out and enjoying the friendly feel of the neighborhood(s). Our B&B was opulent with turn of the century decor and all the modern conveniences. There was a large park across the street and a view of the arch out our window. Loved dancing with my hubby at a really small blues club, live music! We met a woman who had visited Wrangell this summer and really loved our little town...small world.

We are in Dallas now, the temperature is 70 at 9am, it is a bit overcast and humid. The breeze is moving the clouds rapidly, reminding me of mornings in Mexico when the offshore clouds would roll over and the rest of the day the sky would be clear. The air smells of water not city...amazing!

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