Saturday, September 8, 2012

End of Summer, Begining of Adventures

The iris test is finally finished, due to my procrastination there is a change that I really like. The lines around the iris have stained a tan color. I know that if I was to try to leave a silk on the stretcher for months it would not come out this amazing.
 My folks left but before they did we took them on a couple fishing trips. Dad loves halibut (who doesn't) and was thrilled that he had the magic fishing attracted all sorts of bottom dwellers, many not edible.

 Today is the start of an adventure, Hubby and I are loading the car and heading out on the open road, Puppy too! No set itinerary just trying to live one day at a time. It is a different concept for me to wait until the new day to make decisions. I am a planner and usually know by bedtime what the next day will entail. I will keep you posted as best I can!


  1. The iris is AMAZING!!!

    Have fun! Safe travels!!

  2. Yay! Can't wait till you all make it to TX!