Sunday, July 8, 2012

Middle Ridge Cabin

Mom and dad are here for their two month visit. It is good they are out of the Dallas heat but they are not enjoying the constant drizzly weather here. Truth be told none of us are...sunshine would be welcomed.

We have gone for two drives on days when the rain seemed distant. The first drive gave us about 10 eagles. Many would sit above us and ignore the fact we were there. The young eagles are mottled and do not have white heads, as they mature they are more recognizable as a Bald Eagles.

The second drive was up to Middle Ridge Cabin. It is a 15 mile drive that took us an hour. We had to stop and throw the stick for Zack, take pictures of weeds and waterfalls. Dad found three dollars on the logging road! The road is rough and steep in places (18% grade) with no guardrails...but the view is Amazing.

The cabin can be rented from the Forest Service for about $35 a night. Volunteers keep the woodshed full and I hear you can catch fish in the lake next to it.

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