Friday, November 4, 2011


I awoke to snow this morning!!! Yeah!
It is just a skiff but it has already brightened my spirit. I love it when the dreary rains of October give way to winters crisp fresh air. Yesterday was an unexpected day of sun.
At lunch we had a Heron  grooming in the tree out back. I was able to get a few poor photos of him...he would not hold still. Fleas I think, the constant scratching was the giveaway.

Mom wants a travel bag for Christmas, this is the prototype. I like that it has a couple zippers and a pocket for that shopping list and coupons! I was watching Martha's sewing, this weekend her guest was Linda McGehee
who demonstrated how to make this bag. It is very quick and using different colors on the zippers will help with organization (I think).

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