Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ice dyeing

Hubby has been asking when I will be teaching his art students how to snow dye. We do not have snow, yet.    I had seen a few posts on other blogs about using ice and decided to give it a try.
   I did not take pictures of the process but it is pretty straightforward, with one big difference. I used dye powder (Use a Mask!) sprinkled on the ice.    It uses quite a bit of dye powder and could be considered wasteful and/or expensive if you wanted to sell your fabric. I justified it by using my dyes that were getting old. I am going to experiment with layering fabric to see if more of the dye can be used before it is exhausted.
   I love the results, much brighter than liquid dye concentrate on snow. I also used a heavier cotton (Pimatex) than the usual muslin.
The best part is the colors are a close match the quilt I am making so I will use it to cover the headboard.

The quilt top is on the left (stripes) The ice dye on the right is 3.5 yards of 58" Pimatex.

detail...Love it!

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  1. I know what we are doing this summer!!! it looks awesome!