Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bottle holder

My dad and brother are so tricky...they saw this and had to figure out how to make one. This is a board with a hole cut in the center, cut at the same angle as the ends. When you put a bottle in it it will stand on the angled end. Dad sent one home with me to stain and varnish. The only bottle I had was a corked olive oil bottle but because it is not a full size bottle the cork it supporting the weight.
Perfect excuse to find myself another bottle!

A word (or two)of caution if you are thinking of trying this... If you purchase the correct size hole saw (drill bit and 1"circle blade) while you are traveling TSA will remove it from your possession! and If you are not paying attention a hole saw blade in a drill press will take you fingernail off! Sorry dad!

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