Thursday, July 1, 2010


I am not happy with the will not upload the pics. I have tried twice and really need to walk away!
Trust me...Katelyn Rocks!

Deanna and Katelyn came over this last weekend to dye fabric for wall art. I think it is wonderful that they want their own art the wall...they are getting tired of mine! I thought I had taken pictures to document the soy wax batik. The camera was there...the thought was there...but the pictures are nowhere to be found! Oops!
Katelyn returned to work on her piece. She is using a 20x30 canvas and her hand dyed fabric to begin a layout.

After an hour of talking about what she wanted and ways to achieve it she spent 3 hours working towards it, this is what she has on her board. She used soy wax and bubble wrap to print the texture on her background fabric. She is still auditioning hand dyed and commercial organza flowers. Organza was also used to sew on her card stock strips.

These are my base fabrics that I will use for batik once more wax arrives. We really like the wax on cotton, the washout is wonderful.

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  1. Not a happy camper when blogger will not load pictures!! Been thinking of you as I am working on our project....ugh! Love your part, hate mine, but working none the less!