Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good days work

Even though the sun was calling me...I spent the day in the studio turning out some tests. The first one is 4x8' and will be used to play with Shiva paint sticks and rubbing on Nautilus shells. When it is finished I can use it to sew myself a fun tunic.

This is a really heavy raw silk, I just love the slubs and the slight sheen on the raised texture. It would make a fabulous jacket but I never wear one so I will have too think on it for a while. Before it is dyed it looks just like ivory drapery fabric. I was a little concerned that it would always look like I cut up my mothers curtains but once the dye hit the fabric all reference was gone and I am left with a wonderful substantial fabric.

Kirk and I have been contemplating making fish prints on fabric for friends and family. You catch your fish and we can document it on the fabric...You can go home with proof that you really did catch a monster fish. After this background is steamed we should be able to use ink or paint to print the fish.

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  1. Pretty!! Love the redish/yellowish one!!

    Hey, I ordered purple thread yesterday. I've got the blue's, the yellow and once I get the purple, we'll be good to go!!