Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Window sill

For those that do not know....This is my window sill. We did a window replacement about eight years ago and needed new sills.
My hubby smoked in the house (out this window) and I needed a way to preserve the sills that I made.
We bought a roll of copper, made a pattern and I proceeded to create this 6 foot armour.
You can see all the cool patina where coffee and ashes would fall.
It was hard on the hands and a bit unruly since I was using a 4 foot coffee table to work on. I would get a bit done and fill the back with hot glue to preserve the shape.
When I was finished I used copper nails (similar to upholstery tacks) to nail it to the sill. There was a plan to do all three sills but that is not going to happen!...Well, come to think of it...I have 8 foot tables now...Hmmm...
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  1. That is so cool!! Is there anything you Can't do?? lol!