Saturday, January 30, 2010


It even looks like a leaf! Well maybe not the color...but it was a scrap. I tend to hoard the scraps I love. One day I will try testing with what I want as an end product... that way I can utilize my test too!
I fused fabric to heavy interfacing, stitched the center line of the leaf, laid floral wire over the stitching and zig zagged over it. Now I can bend the leaf to the shape I want.

This leaf was about 4x10" before it was bent. I want to make a set of leaves (dinner plate size) as wall art. Don't worry mom...they're for me!
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  1. girl you are blowing me away with your "scraps"
    this is so so cool looking......and if you do run out of room space.......I will step in to save mom ;)