Saturday, November 21, 2009

For Nettie

I have been playing with the digi again. It is hard not to when Nettie and Christina are flexing their muscles! I also signed up for Jessica Spague's Holiday in Hand class, Lots of "digital goodness" coming my way. Kirk is glad that I am continuing in Photoshop...but is not sure what to make of the pages.

The photos are of poor quality because my point&shoot did not know what to make of the limited light and I really needed to use a tripod. It is hard to hold still for the length of time it took to expose these! But I am glad that I documented was fun!
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  1. It's hard to take pictures in that kind of light, but I think you did a good job! I just love that picture with the glowing light behind it. You did great on this page!

  2. oh my my my! this is fantastic!

  3. Oh boy...I am really getting left in the digi dust. You ladies are amazing. I really love this page. Nice work, my friend!!!!