Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Be brave

Kirk and Jo Ellen have been encouraging me to sell my work. So far I have only given it away. There is a bazaar on the 14th and I will put these and a couple more on Jo Ellen's table. I need to make up tags and a small biography and figure out what to charge... I will be very happy if one sells and if not you all will have to pick me up! SCARY!

I had the last 2 days off and kicked out these three. I am really into the flowers and the swirls... I am sure it is influence from scrap booking.

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  1. the only bravery will be the one who is camping out in front of the place the sale, in the freezing cold and snow, is going to be held so that they will have a chance of touching one of these and possibly even purchasing one of them............ lady!!!!

  2. Wow, look at you!! That's awesome that you are going to be selling them at the bazaar!! Whooohoo!

  3.!!! Those are AMAZING!!! I love them. you will be selling them.